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Lemony Fresh Risk May 16, 2010

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Kyra the and lemons - Photo taken for

A few weeks ago I was looking for a photo for my boss’s blog. The post was about citrus smell & Children’s ministry. It’s scientific.

I found a photo that was close to what I was looking for, but I was going to have to pay for it. (Something I preferred to avoid.) The next day I was home with my daughter and I realized we had a beautiful day and a bag of lemons on our hands. I snapped a few photos and then edited one on my trusty iMac. I was pleased with the results.

Then I began to have doubts. What if it didn’t look professional enough? What if I only thought it looked good because she’s my baby and, well… she is ridiculously cute. What if I submitted this photograph and looked foolish as a result?

In the end, I submitted the photo to my boss so he could make a decision. (It is his blog, after all!) He liked it and we used it. He even added a cute tagline! After the blog was posted, our art director even complemented the photo. I was so proud!

But I digress. The fact that the photo was liked and accepted is really not the point. The point is, I almost didn’t submit it. I almost let doubt keep me from even trying.

This kind of paralysis is one of the worst kinds of pride. To think you are so important that you cannot even risk exposure as a “fool” is, itself, foolish. Still, I struggle to put myself out there.

But I keep trying, one lemony fresh photo at a time.


Just Wait A Minute May 14, 2010

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San Diego on the Horizon

Before I became a parent, people kept telling me how much I would learn. They were right. Most of what I’ve learned during my last year as a parent informs my relationship with God.

Lately, my daughter pitches a fit every time she sees us getting something ready for her. She’ll be perfectly content until she sees us preparing something for her, then she begins screaming like she’s dying for want of that very thing.

I think I do this too. I’ll notice something on the horizon and begin to whine because I don’t have it. Of course, it’s on the horizon because God put it there, just ahead of me. If only I would wait patiently for the things God is preparing for me, I would have a much better now.