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Noonday Collection! July 1, 2015

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I am now a newly minted Noonday Collection Independent Ambassador! That means I get to help people in the US create a market for artisans around the world. I get to play with jewelry and help people change their lives for the better. Not a bad gig!

Long ago, when telling someone about a group of people I wanted to help in another country, I was told, “There are too many people. There is too much poverty. There is nothing you can do that will make any real difference.”

It is true that I can’t help everyone, but I can help someone! Noonday is one of the ways that I’m going to do that. There are few things that can help someone out of poverty more easily than a reliable job. That security for a family touches every part of their lives. I’d love for you to join me on this journey by making a purchase, hosting a show, or even just giving me an old-fashioned, “You can do it!”

Please take a look at my site:



The Octonauts Sea Creature Cookies March 17, 2012

My lovely daughter is very excited about her upcoming birthday party. By upcoming, I mean three months away. She has chosen for the theme… drumroll please… The Octonauts. There is a very good chance that if you read this when it’s published and you’re in the US, you just thought, “The what?” The Octonauts is a series of books that was turned into a TV series in the UK and just recently made it’s way to the Disney Channel in the US. Let’s just call her an early adopter. We’ve seen every episode. Many, many times.

All that being said, you can’t run out to Wal-Mart and buy The Octonauts party pack. So, we’re going to have to get a little creative. Pinterest has been a Godsend in this area. There are at least six other moms who have been in my predicament and their boards have been very helpful. I’ve done a lot of Googling. Etsy, as always, has not let me down. If I had the money, I could probably buy a pretty decent Octonauts party. But I don’t have lots of spare cash laying around, so DIY it is.

This is a first attempt by my sister, Stephanie, and me at sea creature cookies. We bought some cookie cutters from Elizabeth’s Cake Supply (amazing place!) and experimented with what we had on hand. Given the fact that I’d rank my cake/cookie decorating skills as “Clueless Level 1” they’re not too bad! I love that the little black eyes match the animals in The Octonauts artwork. Hopefully, there will be more experiments to come!



A Year In Letters January 2, 2012

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thank you note


365 days. 365 letters. For over a year now (maybe two years?) I’ve had the idea of writing a letter a day. At the moment I write… well… almost nothing. I am awful at thank you notes. I go years without corresponding with old friends. But I love letters. Love getting them in the mail. Love opening the envelopes. Love the mystery of what’s inside. So here we go!

My first letter is a thank you note. Not long. Not much of anything. But it’s a letter and I wrote it. I decided to do it and I did it. For me, that’s truly something.


A Hoarding Heart July 6, 2010

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There seem to be tons of shows on right now about hoarding. I tried to watch one recently and could only take about two minutes worth before I had to change the channel. I couldn’t take it!

The next day I started trying to think of ways to get rid of things. I began washing my hair with those tiny shampoos I collected from numerous hotels. I packed up all the cute baby clothes I can no longer squeeze my daughter into and gave them to a beautiful little girl who could use them. Then this weekend I decided we should actually eat the stuff in our freezer. What a novel concept!

That’s where the hash browns above came into the picture. We don’t normally eat hash browns. My husband and I didn’t even buy them. (My sister bought them at some unknown point in the past.) But here they were and we had to deal with them. I decided to add them into our menu this week and you know what? They were pretty good!

The one thing that wasn’t so good was cooking them. I’m guessing they’d been in the freezer a little longer than the recommended time. When we poured them into the pan per the directions, the hash browns plopped down in a pure potato brick. As I was cooking them (about 10 times longer than I was supposed to) I had plenty of time to start thinking about getting rid of the junk in my life, spiritually speaking.

What has been laying around my heart or mind that I just haven’t been paying attention to? Are there putrid assumptions lurking at the back of my thoughts? I’m sure it’s going to take me quite a while to find it all (I’m great at hiding things) but I believe it will be worth the work. I don’t want to wake up one day to find I’ve been hoarding old ideas and rotten thoughts.

In this case, however, I don’t think we’ll be eating our way out!


Lemony Fresh Risk May 16, 2010

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Kyra the and lemons - Photo taken for

A few weeks ago I was looking for a photo for my boss’s blog. The post was about citrus smell & Children’s ministry. It’s scientific.

I found a photo that was close to what I was looking for, but I was going to have to pay for it. (Something I preferred to avoid.) The next day I was home with my daughter and I realized we had a beautiful day and a bag of lemons on our hands. I snapped a few photos and then edited one on my trusty iMac. I was pleased with the results.

Then I began to have doubts. What if it didn’t look professional enough? What if I only thought it looked good because she’s my baby and, well… she is ridiculously cute. What if I submitted this photograph and looked foolish as a result?

In the end, I submitted the photo to my boss so he could make a decision. (It is his blog, after all!) He liked it and we used it. He even added a cute tagline! After the blog was posted, our art director even complemented the photo. I was so proud!

But I digress. The fact that the photo was liked and accepted is really not the point. The point is, I almost didn’t submit it. I almost let doubt keep me from even trying.

This kind of paralysis is one of the worst kinds of pride. To think you are so important that you cannot even risk exposure as a “fool” is, itself, foolish. Still, I struggle to put myself out there.

But I keep trying, one lemony fresh photo at a time.


Just Wait A Minute May 14, 2010

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San Diego on the Horizon

Before I became a parent, people kept telling me how much I would learn. They were right. Most of what I’ve learned during my last year as a parent informs my relationship with God.

Lately, my daughter pitches a fit every time she sees us getting something ready for her. She’ll be perfectly content until she sees us preparing something for her, then she begins screaming like she’s dying for want of that very thing.

I think I do this too. I’ll notice something on the horizon and begin to whine because I don’t have it. Of course, it’s on the horizon because God put it there, just ahead of me. If only I would wait patiently for the things God is preparing for me, I would have a much better now.